Identity theft protection and prevention in one simple and easy to use kit!

All the forms and information you need to Stop & Block Identity

This identity theft prevention  and response kit provides all the forms and information you need to take action
now to prevent others from using your financial identity.  It also includes the  information and forms you need to notify police, your bank, credit card issuers  and credit reporting bureaus if your wallet or purse was stolen or  lost.

Don't wait for something bad to happen - be responsible and take immediate steps now to protect
you and your family's financial  identity!

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This simple and easy to use Prevention and Response Kit includes a step-by-step process for preventing, detecting and responding to identity theft before it happens.  If you are one of the unfortunate millions of American's who has had their identity information breached from a store, credit card company, hospital, or other company where you may have had a transaction, you need to take the steps provided in this easy to follow manual.
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